Fertility Assessment and Treatment

  • Pre-Conception Fertility package

Your first step in the journey towards a healthy and happy pregnancy. We provide advice relating to conception and comprehensive investigations and examinations preparing for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Fertility package

Specifically designed for couples having difficulty conceiving. We provide a comprehensive range of investigations and treatment solutions for fertility problems including laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, IUI and IVF.

General Lady Screening
Most of us are aware of how living a healthy lifestyle can improve your quality of life and that having regular preventive and appropriate health screening(according to your age) is essential to help detect problems early or prevent health problems before they occur.

We offer screening packages tailored to suit women of all ages throughout all stages of a woman’s life.

Our general screening packages are designed to cater to the essential screening tests for womenwithout gynaecological screening.

Our speciality screening packages are designed to include gynaecological screening.

  • Premier Wellness Lady 

Designed for women below the age of 40 and who would like to be in touch with their general health and well-being. This programme includes a detailed physical examination with the necessary blood tests.

  • Exclusive Lady

This programme is recommended for women above the age of 40. It concentrates on all aspects of a woman’s health including physical examination, together with a series of medical and laboratory investigations for early signs of cancer and menopausal conditions.

  • Basic Lady 

For women of all ages, it includes a detailed physical examination with the basic blood tests. There will be no gynaecological assessments.

Women Speciality Packages
These Speciality Programmes are designed for women who prefer to have a gynaecological health assessment. The rise in the numbers of female cancers have made it more pertinent to include breast screening and papsmear tests as part of a women’s preventive health screening program.

  • Basic Gynae health package 

This aims to help women become more aware of their own health status. It comprises a gynaecological examination, urine analysis, pap smear test and detailed ultrasound scan of the pelvis.

  • Cancer risk assessment package    

This package aims to cater for thorough investigations for common female cancer risk factors.  

  • Breast Essential Screening package

Aims to increase awareness on breast health among women. It comprises a medical assessment as well as ultrasound or mammography of the breast.