OBGYN Centre services

Please select a service from the list on the right for more information.A summary of our services include the following:

  • Ultrasound scanning in Obstetrics and Gynaecology(Detailed and 4D scan)

With our recently acquired state of the art 4D ultrasound equipment, we are able to make the best assessment and diagnosis of all obstetrical assessments as well as gynecological diagnoses. This equipment provides unique information in the treatment and diagnosis of obstetrical and gynecological concerns.

  • Antenatal care and pregnancy delivery

At The Women’s Specialist OBGYN Centre, we provide expert management of normal and high risk pregnancy. We will monitor your health and the health of the baby throughout pregnancy, advising recommendations to ensure the best possible outcome for your pregnancy. We support normal vaginal delivery, vaginal birth after Caesarean Section and perform Caesarean Section when necessary.

  •  Well women screening and cervical cancer screening
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Management of all common conditions in gynaecology

For your convenience and comfort, we provide a full range of diagnostic tests and office gynecological procedures in our warm and friendly clinic environment.

  • Infertility

We provide pre-conception counseling, and management of general and complex infertility issues and treatment using assisted reproductive techniques including artificial insemination(IUI) and in-vitro fertilisation(IVF)

  • Endoscopic and major surgery


OBGYN Medi-Aesthetic Services
‘Redefining your body and face…’At the OBGYN Women Specialist Centre, not only we endeavor to solve womens’ health concerns, it is also one stop centre that caters complete aesthetic solutions for women s’ concerns from head to toe. At our centre, we provide aesthetic solutions and deliver optimal results but cost effectively in providing our patients with the comfortable experience that enhance their confidence and lifestyle.OUR AESTHETICS SERVICES

  • Face Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles Reduction
  • Complexion- Skin Whitening
  • Body contouring/ Reshaping
  • Postnatal Body sculting
  • Skin tightening for abdomen
  • Arms reshaping
  • Thighs reshaping
  • Fats Reduction
  • Collagen Regeneration for face & body (Younger looking skin)

Body Reshaping & Face Rejuvenation with EXILIS

From fine lines to laxity in skin, whether its double chin or looking to redefine your face or body, Exilis( Awarded THE BEST SKIN TIGHTENING DEVICE IN AMERICA IN YEAR 2012 ) is an exceptionally patient safe, non-invasive aesthetic device that enable you to achieve the look with no
downtime and surgery.

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