OBGYN Medi-Aesthetic Services

‘Redefining your body and face…’

At the OBGYN Women Specialist Centre, not only do we endeavor to solve womens’ health concerns, it is also a one stop centre that caters for complete aesthetic solutions for women s’ needs from head to toe. At our centre, we provide aesthetic solutions that deliver optimal results cost effectively and in providing our patients with the comfortable experience that enhances their confidence and lifestyle.


  • Face Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles Reduction
  • Complexion- Skin Whitening
  • Body contouring/ Reshaping
  • Postnatal Body sculpting
  • Skin tightening for abdomen
  • Arms reshaping
  • Thighs reshaping
  • Fats Reduction
  • Collagen Regeneration for face & body (for younger looking skin


Body Reshaping & Face Rejuvenation with EXILIS

From fine lines to laxity in skin, whether its double chin or looking to redefine your face or body, Exilis( Awarded THE BEST SKIN TIGHTENING DEVICE IN AMERICA IN YEAR 2012 ) is an exceptionally patient safe, non-invasive aesthetic device that enable you to achieve the look with no
downtime and surgery.

Why Exilis?

Exilis is the fastest, most powerful and non invasive aesthetic treatment available today.

  • Focused RF Technology

With the latest RF technology, it offers optimal depth and duration of penetration produce
beneficial aesthetic effects, notably younger-looking, smooth and slimmed skin for a transformed
appearance. This innovative harnessing of focused RF relies on the ideal combination of heating and
cooling to achieve the best cosmetic outcome with no downtime.

  • Offers dual beneficial results in one treatment

Using an advance technology , in each treatment patients who are able to benefit from both body fats reduction and also tightening. This significantly reduces the time and cost of treatment giving a reduced and firmer skin.

  • No Pain and No Downtime

Non invasive and non surgical and requires no anaesthesia or numbing down for any face or body treatment. There are virtually no pain nor side effects. Patients relate their experience with the treatment as having a hot stone massage.

  • Exceptional Patient Safety

scientifically proven and clinically tested on patients in America. Exilis is FDA approved in America for non invasive dermatologic and aesthetic proedures.

  • Provides beneficial aesthetic effects in the shortest time

Evident results in one session and optimal results in one month about four sessions. Each treatment only takes about 15 to 30 minutes

  • Recognised Internationally

Exilis is exceptionally popular in America and also available in the European Union and other
international market .


We look forward to be of assistance to you on any queries or concerns. Please ring our customer careline at 0107778901 or 0356316631.