Pre-pregnancy and Pregnancy Planning
Becoming a parent is a major commitment filled with various challenges, wonderful rewards, and complex decisions. We will help you in your first step towards preparing for a healthy pregnancy by providing you with advice on matters relating to conception, including fertility issues.  A structured and comprehensive set of investigations and examinations are available at our centre to prepare you in embarking on this journey to a healthy and happy pregnancy.


Pregnancy care and Delivery
Congratulations and best wishes on your journey through motherhood and parenthood!.The beginning of the journey to parenthood can be both exciting and at times challenging. We look forward to assisting you achieve a healthy and predictable course through this wonderful yet significant journey with our expertise and specialist care.We are committed to providing a pleasant and relaxed environment, so that our moms-to-be would be able to be more forthcoming in raising their concerns and sharing their fears or worries and discussing their personal preferences or choices with us.

During your pregnancy, we will be scheduling a series of antenatal appointment to check on your health and the health of your baby. As every pregnancy is a unique experience, we would like share with you all the relevant and pertinent information on services available to you for this momentous journey to help you make informed decisions and choices about your antenatal care.

The following tests and services are available at our centre.

Antenatal Risks Assessment

Antenatal Diagnosis and Counselling


Detailed Antenatal Ultrasound(including 3D/4D scans)

Fetal Wellbeing and Growth Assessment

Making a birthplan and delivery


Antenatal package
At The Women Specialist OBGYN Centre, we provide a well structured and comprehensive prenatal package for moms-to-be(and not forgeting dads-to- be !) who want the peace of mind of leaving all of their pregnancy care in the hands of our experts.In this prenatal package, we have a prenatal care plan designed for individual patients which includes a series of planned antenatal visit and tests tailored for each individual mom-to-be.*To find out more about our prenatal packages, please enquire at our centre