Prenatal classes

Congratulations to all moms and dads to be!The Women’s Specialist Centre(OBGYN Centre) would like to share with all prospective parents to be on what to expect when you are expecting! The process of pregnancy and birth is truly a miraculous production of a new life. A woman goes through changes both physically and psychologically in this child bearing journey. Certainly it is a very challenging and exciting journey, we hope to make it more predictable and easier to adapt for couples by sharing with them and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills. Let us embark on the journey with you.In addition, for first time parents, we are pleased to share with you on some parenting ideas and guide that have been proven to be helpful and effective. We will be having a session on a complimentary session on ‘Parenting tips for the first year’ for all our participants.Our specially designed prenatal program consists of 3 sessions on pregnancy and care and 1 session on parenting.

These sessions will take the couples through the following topics. In every session, there will also be time for couples to raise and share their concerns and questions.


Physiological changes and a healthy pregnancy
Diet and nutrition during your pregnancy.


What to do and avoid through the trimesters…
Looking after yourself during your pregnancy.


Labour and delivery
Getting ready.Coping with labour and learn how to tell you are in labour.


Welcoming and care for the newborn
Babycare and breastfeeding